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Sherwood Wellness Brings Together A Range Of Physical And Holistic Therapies To Help You Take Control...


What we do

Helping you to overcome injury, weakness and pain in order to do the things in life which make you happy.


Physiotherapy - Sports Injuries & Pain Management

Whether it's for injury prevention, recovery post-surgical problems affecting your daily activities or management of pain or other long term conditions, physiotherapy can help you by identifying movement disorders and addressing muscle imbalances.  Find out what we can offer at Sherwood Wellness!    MORE...

Manual Therapy

Skilled mobilisation and manipulation techniques to help release and activate muscles and joints.  

Manual therapy


Post injury, surgery or general illness.  Physiotherapists use tailored, graded exercise programmes aimed at restoring function and achieving your goals.  

Physiotherapy - Women's Health

Have you had a postnatal check-up?
Do you have unresolved problems months and even years after childbirth?
Would you like to return to exercise safely?
Do you suffer with incontinence?
Do you suffer with pelvic pain?
At Sherwood Wellness you can book in for your MUMMY MOT with our specialist physiotherapist in Women's Health.
We also provide assessment and treatment for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (incontinence and prolapse)..
Pelvic Pain and use a Yoga based approach for rehabilitation designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.

PHYSIOTHERAPY - Falls Assessment and Management

Have you had  fall in the past year?
Do you have issues with balance and mobility?
Why not book in for a Falls Assessment?

We can provide a thorough assessment through all the associated causes of falling to help you identify the causes for falling and help prevent further falls.  MORE...

Sports Massage

Whether it's pre or post sporting activity, maintaining of muscle function or an accompaniment to your training schedule, try our sports massage to help you stay on point and feel great.   MORE...

Foot Health

Keeping your feet in good condition helps keep you active, reduces pain and increases self esteem.  With a range of foot care services at Sherwood Wellness, you can find your happy feet!   MORE...


Meeting all your foot care needs.  Treatment for corns, calluses, ingrowing toenails, fungal nail, veruccas and more.  Specialised consultations and treatments available.  MORE...

Nail Filing


Struggling with footwear support?  We offer assessment and provision of orthotic insoles to help relieve pressure and cushion your feet for everyday comfort and function.  MORE...

Image of insoles


Have you experienced trauma? Difficult Relationships?  Painful events?
Humanistic integrative psychotherapy looks at whole person, helps you feel safe, make sense of what is happening or has happened and find inner strength to make helpful choices and changes.
At Sherwood Wellness, we provide both short-term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy for adults 16+ to cover a wide range of concerns to help you.  MORE...


  • Hypnotherapy can be used to help a number of problems such as fears and phobias, anxiety and stress, panic attacks, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, weight management, stopping smoking and even physical issues such as pain and menopausal symptoms.
  • Working with the subconscious mind is powerful work! We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you!
  • Complementary Therapies

     At Sherwood Wellness we have a range of Complementary Therapies on offer.
    Release stress and tension with an Indian Head Massage...
    Find deep relaxation both physically and mentally with a relaxing Full Body Massage or Indian Head Massage...
    Take  look at our therapy page  MORE...



    "Several months ago, I was in training for a half marathon when I started getting pain in my knee; the pain got worse so off I went to see Rory!!  Rory was professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I was impressed with the initial phone consultation to see if e could help me before taking me in as a patient.  Each appointment he gave me exercises to do which backed up by email.  I carried on running on the advice of Rorywhile doing my exercise.  My knee is completely pain free and today I ran my half marathon in a great time and with no pain at all.  Would highly recommend Rory Holliday.  Thanks Rory"


    My core strength has improved so much , and I feel stronger than ever before.  Lizzie offers the postpartum care I wish all women would receive.


    “After 1.5 years of searching for answers to pain through private consultations and other physiotherapists, Rory has turned my pain around within a couple of sessions.  His knowledge is absolutely incredible.  I cannot recommend him enough.  I'm so glad I'm on the mend.  Thank you."

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