Physiotherapy – Falls Assessment & Management

Falls Assessment & Management

Have you had a fall in the past year?  
Do you struggle with balance and mobility?
Get to the bottom of things with a full Falls Assessment and find solutions to your problems in order to live your life to the full!

Did you know that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends a full Multifactorial Falls risk assessment for older people who present for medical attention because of a fall, or report recurrent falls in the past year?

A Multifactorial assessment aims to reduce the risk and incidence of falls and the associated distress, pain and injury, loss of confidence, loss of independence and mortality.  (NICE 2013)

What does it cover?

The initial assessment covers a broad range of factors linking to risks for falling.

Home Visits only available in NG18 and NG19.

These include:

  • identification of falls history
  • assessment of gait, balance and mobility, and muscle weakness
  • assessment of osteoporosis risk
  • assessment of the older person's perceived functional ability and fear relating to falling
  • assessment of visual impairment
  • assessment of cognitive impairment and neurological examination
  • assessment of urinary incontinence
  • assessment of home hazards (where home visit requested)
  • cardiovascular examination and medication review (onward assessment recommendations will be forwarded on to your GP)

Following assessment you will receive a report detailing recommendations for lifestyle changes and onward referral options appropriate to your needs.  A copy of which can be sent to your GP.

Balance & Mobility Rehabilitation

Should you need further instruction and advice with mobility, strength and balance issues, our expert Physiotherapist can offer follow-up rehabilitation sessions.

This assessment will also contribute towards a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment as recommended by NICE (2016) for older people living with multiple health conditions.