Physiotherapy – Sports Injuries & Pain Management

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Physiotherapy is the go-to profession for all Musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain issues.

Can Physiotherapy help me?

Our experienced Physiotherapists use a combination of Manual Therapy techniques and Exercise Rehabilitation approaches. Manual therapies such as Myofascial release, Joint mobilisations and manipulation, serve to reduce pain and improve mobility quickly. However, this benefit is sometimes short term. A Physiotherapist will also educate and progress you with a bespoke exercise programme to perpetuate these benefits and help you achieve your goals in a way that can be self sustained.

No matter what joint or soft tissue problem you are experiencing, our physiotherapists can assess, diagnose and formulate bespoke rehabilitation packages to help you manage pain, maximise function and engage in your daily work, fitness and lifestyle choices.

Most people would associate physiotherapy with the recovery from sports injuries. Although a lot of our clients see us for that reason, most of them have pain for a number of other reasons besides overdoing it on the tennis court!

The problems we see most often seem to come out of nowhere, or at least through the most mundane of day-to-day activities. Sometimes we relate these problems to overuse injury, and other times to degenerative changes that are just a fact of life.

In our experience, if it hurts, we can help. Pain that feels to be in a joint, muscle or around the spine will benefit from Physiotherapy. Problems with weakness, balance, falls or lack of confidence in moving will benefit from Physiotherapy. Preparing for, and recovering after major joint or spinal surgery will certainly benefit from Physiotherapy…the list goes on.

What can I expect at a Physiotherapy session?

At the initial consultation we have with you, we take a deep history of the problem to understand the background and behaviours that have led to the point of pain. We go through a physical examination that helps us identify any weakness, restriction or errant movement habits that have contributed to your pain.

We explore what manual therapy techniques might help boost your mobility and reduce your pain, whilst also introducing you to a bespoke exercise programme that will help you make sustainable progress independently. We make a plan of action and discuss how long working with your Physiotherapist could be required.

Follow up treatment sessions will take a deeper dive into the hands-on work to get you moving more and develop the exercise programme to match your progress.