Sports Massage

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Sports massage is a deep tissue massage designed to target areas deeper than the superficial level of your muscles.

Sport and exercise can require repetitive movements which, in turn, can create areas of tension, pain and muscle imbalance.  Our bodies then try to compensate for this by causing issues in adjacent muscle groups leading to more symptoms.

Where a deep tissue massage as a complementary therapy will likely be a full-body massage, sports massage will focus on a specific problematic area to optimise function.

Benefits of sports massage:

  • Prevent future injuries
  • relieve existing injuries by reducing scar tissue and increasing blood flow for healing
  • Maintain biomechanical function
  • Correct muscle imbalance
  • Support athletic performance
  • Support functional, pain-free movement
  • Psychological wellbeing

When to have Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used at many times:

  • As a warm-up before athletic performance
  • immediately after exercise for recovery
  • for injury rehabilitation
  • as part of your regular training programme

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