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Rory Holliday

Rory Holliday, our Lead Physiotherapist, has over 20 years of clinical experience across the NHS and Private sector.

He has helped many people recover from injury and stay well with Chronic musculoskeletal disorders affecting all areas of the body.

Rory’s specialist field of work is with neck, shoulder and upper limb pain, having worked with numerous climbers and golfers over the years and those recovering from trauma-related and elective shoulder surgeries.

Taking a thorough history and using specialist biomechanical assessment, Rory will help you recover from pain and dysfunction and get you back to achieving your goals

Rory has extensive experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries; whether it be sporting injury,  whiplash or chronic pain, Rory has a solution for you.

Professional, friendly and approachable, Rory will work with you to design a bespoke rehabilitation package to help you achieve your goal

Psychotherapy & Counsellor

Michelle Harrison

Michelle is an integrative therapist, offering short-term counselling and longer-term psychotherapy for all adults(18+).  She is passionate about helping people move forward when they feel stuck, particularly those who have experienced trauma, painful events or difficult relationships.

Postgraduate diploma trained, Michelle is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling Practitioners (BACP) and follows their strict ethical code.  She is currently completing a research MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at the highly regarded Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute in Nottingham, following their rigorous training process which includes undertaking 4 years of personal therapy and regular clinical supervision. 

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master

Debbie Parr
  • I was a qualified Nurse for thirty years, really enjoyed my work, visiting people in their own homes. Whilst I was still Nursing, I started training in Reiki, attending classes every week and working my way through the levels until I successfully attained the Reiki Master Teacher Level. Alongside this, I found Hypnotherapy and trained at weekends to gain my Hypnotherapy Diploma.
    • I left Nursing in September 2020 to be self-employed in both Reiki and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Being self-employed works better around my family life and means I can still be helping people, which I have done all my working life.
    • I love seeing the results my clients gain from their treatments. I help my clients with stress and anxiety, sleep and menopause issues, overeating and food cravings, weight loss, cutting down or stopping drinking alcohol, gaining their taste and smell after illness, fear of flying, spiders, vomiting, holes, rats, driving etc 
    • I have helped my client's following bereavement, relationship break up or with pain, be it physical or emotional. I've helped clients stop smoking cigarettes and vapes. 
    • Working with the subconscious mind is powerful work! I look forward to meeting you and chatting with you about how I can help you!

Fully Accredited & Insured Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist

Lucy Heseltine-James

Sports massage is a great way to keep yourself free to move. Although clients love the hands-on treatment, an appointment with Lucy will lead to the understanding of why injuries may persist and can suggest exercises/stretching to alleviate and prevent further problems.


Sharon Wilson

  • Sharon has many years’ experience as a Podiatrist in both the NHS and Private sector.
  • Her commitment to high quality and person-centred care is second to none!
  • Helping people maximise their function and mobility whilst addressing all foot and nailcare needs, Sharon is your go-to Podiatrist.
  • Always working with a smile on her face she lights up the room!
  • WOMEN'S HEALTH Physiotherapist

    Lizzie Smith

    Lizzie is a Women's Health Physiotherapist, graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Physiotherapy, beginning her career at her local hospital where she developed a passion for Women's Health Physiotherapy.

    With over 8 years experience working as a Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecology Physiotherapist in the NHS where she developed a special interest in postnatal recovery and rehabilitation.

    Lizzie is a certified Pre and Postnatal Coach and a Mummy MOT Practitioner.

    "I believe all women should invest in their health during their lifetime, especially during the postnatal period.  I am passionate about supporting woman with their postnatal journey including recovery, goal setting, return to exercise and investing in their health as a new mum.  I have extensive experience treating women with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (including urinary incontinence and prolapse) and have a special interest in Pelvic Pain."


    Ann-Marie Holliday

    Falls Assessment, Strength, Balance and Mobility Interventions.

    Ann-Marie qualified as a physiotherapist in 2001.

    With a wealth of knowledge and experience from roles in the NHS, Private Sector and Hospice settings, she specialises in care of the Older or more frail population who often struggle with a variety of medical conditions.

    Focusing on, Falls Prevention &. Management, Prevention of frailty and Maintenance of Strength, Balance and Mobility;  Ann-Marie strives to provide an in-depth assessment of your problems, finding solutions and supporting you with goals for longer term improvement in health and wellbeing.

    "None of us want to get older!  But we can learn how to age well!  How do we keep active and continue with the lifestyle choices we enjoy?  Often clients come to me in a quandary of how to improve their current situation in relation to falls, balance and general mobility - how do we decide if less is  more or to strive top improve activity levels?  Why do I fall?  Is there something I should/should not be doing?"

    "Come and see me for a full assessment to see how you can improve things!"