Michelle Harrison

Her professional experience includes counselling with Nottinghamshire MIND and the NHS, helping people who have reached crisis point or are struggling with long term physical and mental illness.  As a former teacher, a therapeutic parent and carer, Michelle knows herself how helpful good therapy can be.

Michelle loves getting to know her clients' strengths as well as attending closely to what they have experienced.

Humanistic integrative psychotherapy looks at the whole person, drawing from a wide range of therapeutic methods to help clients make sense of difficulties in the past or present.  These include trauma-aware strategies adapted from attachment and object relations theory, transactional analysis and self-psychology.  Michelle believes in honest communication and will always make sure her clients are clear about how she can help and her therapeutic commitment.

Therapy aims

  • to help you feel safe
  • to make sense of what has happened or what is happening
  • to find inner strength to make helpful choices and changes

Michelle's practice, Senses Psychotherapy and Counselling makes use of our natural ability to heal and develop.  As well as talking and listening to each other, she works well with clients to understand the signals and messages from all our natural senses, including gut feelings and bodily impulses.  By becoming more aware of ourselves, our thoughts, feeling, behaviours, and how we communicate with others, we get to know ourselves better - and like ourselves better.